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Landscape Design and Install

When you drive up to your house do you feel like you are home? Does your underused backyard make you want to head right back into the house?  Are you looking to create the perfect place to relax or spend time with family and friends? Swiss Hills Landscaping can help make your vision a reality, and every great project starts with a plan!

Professional design consultations are typically required on-site prior to the start of a project. This insures that all considerations are addressed (i.e. hard material choices, plant selections, drainage, colour, shape, texture, and overall functionality of the site) and aids in bringing your vision to life. From there 3 options are given to you depending on the scale and complexity of the project;




Once you are completely satisfied with your design and all considerations have been taken into affect, our professional and knowledgable staff are ready to bring your ideas to life. Care is taken to consider neighbors as well as the home owners daily lifestyle throughout this process.

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