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Property Maintenance

At Swiss Hills Landscaping we offer a property maintenance program designed to make life easier for you, and keep your landscape looking great. Our professional and courteous staff are available to help you get the most from your landscape.

Spring Cleanup (Month of April)

Grounds Maintenance (May through October)

Fall Cleanup


Extra Maintenance Services 

*Recommended Minimum turf requirements – 4 Fertilizations and 1 Aerating

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We began using Swiss Hills when we needed to have a new company to plow our driveway in the winter.  When we were going to go away for a year and needed lawn care as well, we turned to Swiss Hills. We have been very happy with the service we have received for many years. In fact, I do not know exactly how many it’s been. But this year when I wanted to have the areas beside our newly replaced driveway, it was Harry to whom I turned and what a lovely entry to our home he designed and had installed! Thanks, to all who come in the middle of the night to plow and shovel our driveway and who mow and maintain our lawns throughout the spring and summer months!

Betsy Zanna